Australia's most simple mobile phones for kids and seniors.

Keeping your loved ones connected is now simpler than ever.
Making a phone call is as simple as pressing a single button.

Are you looking to buy a kids mobile phone or a seniors phone?

OwnFone for Kids

The ideal first phone for kids! It's extremely easy to use and protects children from risks such as access to inappropriate web content, cyber-bullying and expensive in-app purchases.

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OwnFone for Seniors

Simple one button dialling and large buttons makes OwnFone the ideal mobile phone for seniors that want to stay connected without any of the fuss!

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This simple phone has lots of features

It's so simple!

  • It doesn't get any simpler than this! No complicated screens or options, just simply press one button to call the person you want to speak with.

Great value

  • Personalised OwnFone handsets are available from as low as $74.00 plus postage.
  • You don't need a long term contract and most plans can be cancelled with just a month's notice.

Safe & Secure for Children

  • This simple mobile phone will only allow your child to phone the telephone numbers that you've specified, so nobody will bother stealing it.
  • OwnFone protects children from smartphone dangers such as:
    • Social media
    • In app purchasing & downloads that target children
    • Cyber bullying

Easy to use

  • It arrives ready-to-use straight out of the box.
  • It's as simple as pressing a Name button to make a call.

It's Personalised

  • The OwnFone comes in a wide range of styles and colours.
  • You can choose to have two, four, eight or twelve contacts on your phone.

Fuss free for Seniors

  • A dedicated emergency button is fitted to all OwnFone handsets
  • Unique one button dialing - Simply press a Name button to make a phone call
  • OwnFone has a long battery life (5 days) - that means it's more likely to be working when you need it most.
  • Its small size and the included lanyard means it can be worn so that it's always in easy reach.
  • Voice prompts including 'Charging', 'Calling', 'Call Ended', 'Maximum volume' etc. are unique to OwnFone and make it the easiest phone to operate.

Long life

  • Use OwnFone regularly and charge it every few days or if you only want to use it as an emergency phone then simply put it in shutdown mode and the battery will last up to one year.

Light and small

  • OwnFone is only 7mm thick and as small as a credit card.
  • It's extremely light, it only weighs 40 grams.
  • You can tuck it in a small pocket or wear it around your neck with the included lanyard.

It's made for you

  • It's simple and fun to design your OwnFone right here on this website.
  • When you're happy with your design, we build it for you.
  • Your OwnFone will be delivered, ready to use in about one week.

Ownfone - the simple mobile phone that's ideal for kids and seniors!

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Do you say simple mobile phone or simple cell phone?

We thought that Australians only used the term mobile phone and that the phrase cell phone was only used in the USA. However, our research shows that quite a few Australians say cell phones rather than mobile phones. That's okay by us, we don't mind if you want to buy a simple cell phone or buy a simple mobile phone, all that matters is that you've come to the right place to get the best simple phones available in Australia!